About us

The social home was founded in 1953 in a late-neoclassical style castle from the 19th century in the village of Okoč-Opatovský Sokolec. Currently our capacity is for 66 people. Our residents are people with mild-, moderate-, severe- and profound intellectual disabilities. Their supply is assured by 51 employees.
We provide for our residents complete care like:

- accommodation, nutrition, nursing
- health care
- various therapies
- rehabilitation
- free-time activities
- escort to healthcare facilities
- recreation
- cultural programs
- complete social care
- regular medical supervision.

The aim of our social home is to grant health care, therapeutic- and social treatment for our residents. The institution works with psychiatrists and other specialists. Based on their diagnosis we develop individual development programs for our residents.

Our residents take part in small group activities, where we help them to: improve their autonomy and their sense of responsibility, develop their individual- and intellectual skills and their subtle movements, master basic hygiene practices. They get physical and music education. They have possibilities to do regular work-therapy activities (in the garden, in the kitchen, etc.), to organise their free times.
Our institution is equipped with various rehabilitation and recreational equipments, which are used during daily care (Bioptron healing light, physiological balls, conditioning bicycle, gymnastics mats, wall bars, dry pool with balls, etc.).

We regularly organise recreational programs, educational trips, tours in Slovakia as well as abroad. We are permanent participants and visitors to various cultural events and theatre performances. We maintain friendly relationship with the residents of other social homes within Slovakia and in abroad. Our athletes are regular participants in various sports competitions and in various tournaments organised by the Special Olympics.

Our residents can freely devote their time to their hobbies and to their favourite pastime. These activities can be sports, music listening, walking, handcrafting and arts. They can develop their individual skills in the craft workshop where they can work with a wide range of materials and they can try out different working methods and fine art techniques, so they have opportunity to learn independent and creative work.